Leader's Message

Welcome to Moments, our new, systemwide quarterly magazine that will highlight the great work you do for the people we’re so privileged to serve.

It is the natural evolution of Network News, which was begun nearly a decade ago as a way to bring together news from across Hartford HealthCare. Network News has been invaluable as a go-to source of information and as a tool to deepen our integration as a large, varied system of care.

It’s a new era for HHC. We’re just beginning our partnership with St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, further expanding our ambulatory access across (and beyond) Connecticut, and pushing to become a truly innovative and inventive healthcare organization. At the same time, we’re sharpening our focus on patient/customer experience.

“Every Moment Matters” is our service commitment that links to our most important strategic goal over the next several years: To be number one in patient/customer experience in the Northeast by 2023 (#123). You and your colleagues are working tirelessly and selflessly to create great moments at work and in your  communities. Moments will shine a light on these and on the tapestry of diverse backgrounds, cultures and personalities that is our remarkable workforce.

Wherever each of us works at HHC, we are here to make a difference, to help people in need and to make the world a better place, one moment at a time. “Every Moment Matters” really means “be yourself.” Let the heart that brought you to Hartford HealthCare lead you in every interaction with patients and co workers. That’s how great moments are made. This new publication is here to capture some of those moments.

Jeff Flaks
President and Chief Executive Officer