The Poll

What one thing would you want on a deserted island?

Maybe you enjoyed a staycation or a getaway close by this summer, but COVID-19’s travel restrictions had many of us dreaming of a tropical beach vacation. We asked you to tell us the one thing you’d take to a deserted island, and this is what you had to say:

By the Numbers

Pandemic purchasing: A ‘round-the-clock challenge

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HHC Supply Chain

Management Department worked day and night to ensure we had enough protective gear to safely care for all the patients who needed us. Here is a look at the personal protective equipment (PPE) we used from March through May, by the numbers:

The List

Food stokes the collective soul

As COVID-19 demanded clinicians at Hartford HealthCare work longer and more taxing hours to care for those seriously ill with COVID-19, the public responded with generous donations of food, drinks and snacks. At St. Vincent’s Medical Center, philanthropy logged an astounding number of donations, including:

Thank You Notes

In addition to the skilled physicians and nurses, the rest of the staff was wonderful, from housekeeping to the kind and friendly transport staff. I experienced prompt, attentive, highly-skilled and compassionate care throughout my stay.

—Patient, Hartford Hospital

During this COVID-19 precaution time, noted GOOD precautions throughout. Note: I’m a retired RN so very aware of care. Great job!

—Patient, MidState Medical Center

The entire staff was pleasant, efficient and had wonderful senses of humor during situation that was not at all life or death. They took care of things before it could get to that point with kindness and smiles.

—Patient, Backus Hospital

From the moment I was wheeled into the emergency room door, I felt concern, kindness and an overwhelming sense of competency from all medical personnel that attended to me!

—Patient, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

I was very nervous about going to the ER due to COVID-19, but everything was set up safe and I was treated quickly and very efficiently.

—Patient, The Hospital of Central Connecticut

I work in healthcare and have not seen such communication and follow-through as I have seen in your facility. It is the best — consistent, timely, don’t get shuffled around, care team is knowledgeable and get answers to your questions without transferring me two to three times.

—Patient, HHC Cancer Institute, Manchester

Office and medical staff are always friendly and courteous. I felt very safe in regards to the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Czarnecki is always friendly and professional.

—Patient, HHCMG, Glastonbury

Please thank the wonderful staff as I don’t leave my home often due to COVID-19. I appreciated their patience and kindness.

—Patient, Hartford HealthCare Radiology/Imaging