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Have you or someone on your team connected with a patient in a special way? Your story may be selected to appear in future HHC publications, so please be sure no protected health information (PHI) is shared.

I wanted to acknowledge the amazing care team at St. Vincent’s while my mom was a patient. She was admitted with the flue and was in terrible shape. To say her care was great is an understatement. I’d like to call out a few folks who made her time tolerable and pleasant: Maria from housekeeping, who made conversation and brought a smile to Mom’s face, like two old friends catching up; nurse Meghan G, who was outstanding and made our mom feel like a million bucks whenever she went to check on her; Karen Collins made sure Mom was getting the right food and something she knew she would eat; and Carin Florin, nurse manager and a Godsend, who mapped out the steps of the illness progression so it wasn’t so scary.

—Cynthia Nigro, Trumbull

I had a partial knee replacement by Dr. John Grady-Benson of the Bone & Joint Institute. His high quality of surgery and professionalism in considering the concerns of his patient were most exemplary – and matched by the dedication of his staff of nurses, therapists and technicians. The care provided regarding my surgery was of the highest professional caliber.

—Francis Brady, West Granby

My husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma after many years of surveillance. We are grateful for the outstanding guidance and brilliant decision-making Dr. Michael Kane has provided, and thank his team who treated my husband with care and sensitivity. This includes Katherine Masoud, APRN, and Sylvia Williamsen.

—Nancy Perini, Mystic

My partner and I would like to thank the staff in the Backus Emergency Department for their support and care. He went into the ED with nausea, vomiting and weakness, three weeks after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. At 42, he was aware that he would not live very long. The staff was so caring and respectful as they stabilized him so he could go home to die. He left with none of the symptoms and was able to complete his “bucket list.” I am so grateful for his care.

—Jennifer, partner of Shane Graves, Colchester