Hartford HealthCare colleagues donate their time and talents in a variety of ways. From coaching youth sports, holding elected office or tackling projects that enhance our world, you’re out there at night and on weekends giving of yourself. If you want to let us know about the work you or a colleague is doing, please email Susan McDonald at susan.mcdonald@hhchealth.org.

Get Involved

It’s the First Step Toward Finding Your Community

Story by Maggie Werner

Having an impact — Otis C. Fagan, front row, third from left, co-leads the Black Leaders in Healthcare Networking Group for the Medical Group Management Association, a national group he joined 23 years ago.

When Otis C. Fagan joined the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) in 2000, it became a guiding resource, shaping him into a healthcare leader.

Today, Fagan seamlessly transitions to the MGMA Black Leaders in Healthcare Networking Group, steering it through the complexities of healthcare management.

MGMA members learned about resource groups – similar to Hartford HealthCare’s colleague resource groups – at their annual Leadership Conference in Nashville last year. The initiatives foster supportive environments for healthcare leaders with diverse experiences, something Fagan embraced. He agreed to co-host the Black Leaders group.

Honestly, if I can help someone else’s journey be a little easier, whether it’s learning from my experience or understanding my path, that was my motivation for saying yes,” Fagan says. “In my 23 years at MGMA, there wasn’t such a resource, so being part of building something from the ground up is an honor for me.”

He’s spent years actively contributing to the group’s growth, guiding initiatives to fulfill net-working, mentorship and peer support goals. Through surveys, the group pinpointed the three core objectives and Fagan helps translate them into meaningful experiences for members.

The group’s first official meeting in February was enthusiastic.

“Networking provides valuable perspectives and mentorship” — Otis C. Fagan

“The group is engaged, their participation is overwhelming and their diversity is inspiring,” Fagan adds of the group, which meets bi-monthly to address everything from operational to personal challenges, sharing solutions and, most importantly, supporting each other.

Reflecting on its impact, Fagan shares, “The networking group reinforces the idea that you’re not alone in your healthcare management journey. It’s refreshing to have a support system and resources that go beyond books and conferences.”

Getting involved is the first step, he says.

“If you’re looking to contribute and support your communities, be actively involved, know what’s happening in your community and tap into available resources. Network and seek out groups that align with your interests. Knowing you’re not alone is vital and networking provides valuable perspectives and mentorship to get you there,” Fagan says.