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Jeffrey A. Flaks, President and CEO of Hartford HealthCare.

Dear Colleagues

While this beautiful season evokes a “winter wonderland” for most New Englanders, those of us in healthcare know winter can be challenging. Icy and snow-covered roads make for slick driving. Bitter cold weather is harsh on the old and vulnerable.And yet, because we are here to serve, colleagues report to work — and sometimes sleep there — during routine stormsand harrowing blizzards.

It is what we have signed up for. Treacherous weather conditions don’t change the fact that people need care,attention and food; rooms and facilities need cleaning;data must continue to flow; supplies must be ordered,routed and stored.

While many of our friends and neighbors eagerly await announcements of their workplace closures whenever snow is forecast, many of our colleagues plan to dig out and head in. It is one of several unique traits of the work we do. (Check out the story on weather events impacting healthcare workers on page 8.)

This winter, I wish you all the joys this special season can bring. And, I am grateful for your sacrifices to care for our patients in hospitals and homes, clinics and centers. During “winter wonderland,” you are the human wonder.

Jeffrey A. Flaks
President and Chief Executive Officer

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