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Jeffrey A. Flaks, President and CEO of Hartford HealthCare.

Dear Colleagues

Healthcare is all about people. Whatever role we have at Hartford HealthCare, we are here for others. And every day — in ways large and small, remarkable and unnoticed — we touch the lives of others.

This issue of Moments magazine shines a spotlight on just a few colleagues whose unselfish actions, deep compassion and natural instincts saved lives, delivered care and turned horrible situations into happy endings.

Each of these stories is inspiring on its own. Knowing they are part of a much bigger picture, a story of everyday heroism and selflessness, makes me so grateful to be part of this team of heroes — 37,000 strong, and making lives better every day.

To the colleagues celebrated on pages 22 through 27, and all of you who perform acts of heroism every day, thank you for being healers.

Jeffrey A. Flaks
President and Chief Executive Officer

Moments is a quarterly magazine publication produced by Hartford HealthCare.

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