“I would like to (mention) the amazing kindness, compassion and care demonstrated by the entire staff on North 8 at Hartford Hospital for our mother, Ann Mongell. She was under their care for two weeks while cancer consumed her 99-year-old body. Family members were with her every day until her passing, and not a day went by that we didn’t comment on the loving care everyone provided.”

—The family of Ann Mongell

“After numerous interactions with St. Vincent’s Medical Center staff, I can truly say I have never experienced such caring and dedicated people! In 2023, I needed a valve replacement. Dr. Robert Jumper was assigned to my case and TAVR surgery took place. His team was great! I tell everyone of the friendly, highly-qualified and caring healthcare professionals at St. Vincent’s!”

—Dale Peters

“I came to The Hospital of Central Connecticut Emergency Department because of a fall. Within five minutes, I met with the trauma team, which I found to be communicative, friendly and professional. They put me somewhat at ease. I was admitted and received excellent care from the nurses, aides and physicians, who responded quickly to my requests and questions. I was treated with the utmost respect.”

—Aaron Gersten

“I walked into the Backus ER with chest pain. Within 10 minutes, they took me into the exam area where I had a heart attack and died. If not for the professionals who gave me CPR and used the crash cart, I wouldn’t be writing this. I can never thank your staff enough for the complete service I was given. They flew me to Hartford where I received a stent and now can spend a little more time with my family.”

—Scott Spicer

“My husband was found to have fluid around the heart and had surgery the same day. We were fortunate to have a super team in the (Hartford Hospital) ER — Tyler Reardon, Lindsey Decker, Charlemagne Dunbar and others. After, he was brought to PACU and cared for by two phenomenal nurses, Ashley Brown and Lauren Connor. On the ninth floor, he was under the care of diligent and hardworking nurses: Tyra, Demaris, Huyen and Alicia. Demaris and Huyen went above and beyond with kindness, enthusiasm, encouragement and phenomenal energy.”

—Diane and Richard Lieberfarb