Thank You Notes

  • “It took a number of years with other endocrinologists’ practices before (my husband) found yours. Finally, someone he could respect, enjoy and count on. I know he held you in highest regard as an expert, but also as a friend for whom he had affection. I cannot thank you enough for the care and friendship you provided (him). You were consistently helpful, supportive and upbeat.”

    - Wife of patient of David O’Hotnicky, APRN, endocrinology, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital

  • “My mother was 92 years old and failing rapidly (when) she was admitted to your hospital. She was attended by Dr. Keenan who was very human. He had empathy, compassion and understanding. He looked my mother in the eye and communicated with her as if he’d known her a lifetime. I wish to call out two RNs — Sharon and Joanna — who went above and beyond in my mother’s last hours. They were exceptional, kind, generous, engaging and extremely efficient. Their work caring for my mother was beyond anything I have seen or had expected. Your people made a very sad experience a little bit easier. I don’t enjoy going to hospitals, yet when I need to in the future, I hope to have your team in the room with me.”

    - Son of Windham Hospital patient

  • “I want to set in writing my gratitude and respect for your kindness and medical expertise. I am not over-dramatizing when I say that you have restored my life spirit.” 

    - A patient of Dr. Casaly

  • “Parkinson’s disease can turn your world upside down. It did for me! But there is one exceptional person who has made all the difference in my life dealing with this disease — Amanda Brill. Amanda has brought me down from going over the edge several times. She is one of those rare professionals who understands and knows what someone is going through. She can see behind the façade that her patients can present. She listens and offers support. Her advice is invaluable.”

    - A Chase Family Movement Disorders patient