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How Inclusive Are We? HHC Looks in the Mirror

Hilary Waldman

In the summer of 2021, Hartford HealthCare engaged a nationally-recognized consulting firm, Just Health Collective, to help us look in the mirror and determine how close we are to becoming a workplace and system of care that truly respects separate realities and provides a safe, inclusive environment for colleagues and those in our care. 

The consultants examined reams of data ranging from our financial and hiring records to examples of our advertising campaigns. They also conducted focus groups and interviews with scores of our colleagues at all levels of the organization. Their initial assessment provided high marks in some areas and noted opportunities for improvement in others. The results were probably no surprise — as we always say, it’s about progress not perfection! 

The findings will guide us as we work to achieve one of our highest-priority strategic initiatives:


To build a culture of equity and inclusion. 


This evaluation is the beginning of our journey. The information will be used to inform strategies that ultimately will ensure that everyone who works or seeks care at Hartford HealthCare will be listened to and respected. 

If we are successful, the results will extend far beyond our walls and doors. Watch for more information and add your voice as we build a culture of equity and inclusion. We cannot have a diverse and inclusive workplace and care space without you!

See below for a snapshot of what our Just Health Collective partners found.